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Nursery Services

The nursery is available for your convenience while using the facility or the outdoor walking track. This short term nursery service requires that each child have a responsible adult in the facility during the child’s stay with us. Nursery attendants provide activities, videos, and toys. Hours are subject to change based on usage.

Fee: $3.00 per hour/per child

Ages: 3 months - 7 years 

Winter Hours (Aug-May):

Monday through Friday: 8:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. 


May 21 - July 31

Nursery Guidelines

For a Safe, Healthy, and Fun Learning Experience Safety

  1. Know the emergency evacuation route and procedures.
  2. In case of emergency get the children out as quickly and calmly as possible. Put the infants together in one crib. Push the crib outside with the other children holding on to the sides or holding hands with each other.
  3. Take all the paperwork with you when evacuating the room. Do a headcount before leaving (by keeping paperwork current- headcount should match paperwork) then do another headcount when the designated meeting place is reached.
  4. Keep shoes on the children at all times to speed evacuation time and prevent injuries
  5. Know where the First Aid kit is located and always keep out of children’s reach. Medical supplies (including band-aids) must be provided by staff only! Keep the kit supply list updated.
  6. Do NOT allow children to use any cleaning supplies at any time. Always keep the supplies safely out of the children’s reach.
  7. Place the diaper bags/backpacks on top hooks. Some may contain medication, personal items, keys, etc.
  8. Constantly check the toys for age appropriateness. Only have toys available that are safe for the youngest "age group" in attendance. Broken toys should be tossed in the garbage or placed out of children’s reach until repaired.
  9. Keep toys in their designated "centers" and keep centers from becoming too cluttered during playtime. This will help prevent falls and other accidents. Teach the children to clean the center they are playing in before changing to another center.
  10. Only allow infants in the Infants Area. Also keep children out of the attendant’s kitchen area, fridge, and the resource/supply cupboards.
  11. Attendants should be able to "see" all the children-all of the time.
  12. Always know the "pick-up" person. Unless pre-authorized, children must be released to the "drop-off" person. If there is any doubt or concerns, ask for identification, call the front desk, and document the incident.

Health and Cleanliness

  1. Upon arrival, label the children’s items such as - diapers, wipes, bottles, cups, snacks, etc.
  2. "Gently" discourage toys from home. However, if needed, they can be useful "short-term" tools for newcomers’ traditional and adjustment periods.
  3. Be sure children do not share food with each other. In addition to sharing germs and illnesses, some children may have allergies to certain food and food products. An "Allergy and Medical Information" sheet is kept on the fridge. Be aware of children on this list and help keep this list updated.
  4. Keep food/drinks at the snack table. This included hand-held bottles (dripping milk can sour carpet) and sippy cups (drinks can stain the carpet). Some snacks like raisins, gummies, and fruit can cause the carpet to become sticky and should be cleaned as quickly as possible.
  5. Wear gloves to change soiled diapers. Wash hands after diapering, toileting, nose-wiping, and picking up toys, cleaning, and before making bottles or handling food.
  6. Disinfect the changing table after each use.
  7. Disinfect toys as needed. Immediately clean any toys that have been placed in the mouth (like play food, dishes, and rattles). If any child attended with an illness, disinfect the room to prevent the sickness from spreading.
  8. Teach the children to wash their hands.


  1. Always inform the Supervisor of any problems or concerns, and then proceed as advised.
  2. Any conversations with parents/guardians should be courteous, friendly, professional, and confident. Do not use the names of other children when informing parents/guardians about nursery incidents/accidents (such as pushing and hitting).
  3. Document everything.
  4. Write in the Communication book every shift.


  1. State "desired" positive behavior rather than "undesired" negative behavior. Simply, tell a child what to do instead of what not to do. For example, "Walk!" instead of, "Don’t run!"
  2. When "Time-out is no longer effective, try diversionary tactics at the table with some quiet activities such as books, puzzles, and TV.
  3. Inform the Supervisor of any serious, ongoing, or unsafe behavior. Document behavior and the action taken.


  1. A Lesson Plan book and a Music book are available in the Nursery for the attendant’s use if desired. Please make your own copies and always return originals to the books in the same month they were taken from. Copies of "new" ideas are always welcome, too.
  2. Spend time interacting with the children during each class time. Having an "Activity Time" to read, sing, play games, color, paint, etc., gives children an opportunity for "hands-on" learning and social interaction. Structured activities will also help an Attendant have a safer, more controlled atmosphere.
  3. Keep all activities in the Nursery-age appropriate! (Magazines, movies, etc.)
  4. Clean up after each activity and put toys and items back in their labeled places before beginning another activity. Sometimes, it is easier to keep the room clean by alternately "opening" and "closing" certain Centers. Also, having an Activity Time allows the Attendant to inform the children that Art Time, Music Time, etc., is over and those supplies/toys are cleaned up and put up until the next time.
  5. Remember to write the children’s names on their projects and artwork. Display their work in the room or send it home with them.

Closing Duties

Do a walk-thru of the classroom. Be sure everything is cleaned and returned to its original place. Pick up toys in the play area wipe down the tables, check the bathroom and sweep the floor where needed (sweeper is kept in the bathroom). Be respectful to fellow co-workers by leaving the nursery as clean as you would like to find it on your shift. Please write down any Nursery information or messages for the incoming Attendants and place it on the sign-in shelf or in the Attendant’s kitchen area.

Nursery Procedure

The Recreation Center Nursery will not open unless there are two attendants present. This is a safety practice implemented in January of 2018 that we must follow. In the event that 1 attendant cannot make it, we will remain closed until we can find a second attendant or close the nursery for that day.

The Recreation Center Nursery will accept children from three months through age seven. The nursery is designed for short-term childcare. Each child while in the nursery must have a responsible adult in the facility. Each responsible adult must fill out a Nursery Check-In/Check-Out Form. Children with a suspected or confirmed communicable illness will not be permitted to use the nursery. Children are not allowed to bring their own toys and must be relatively self-sufficient (child cannot require a disproportionate amount of care or attention that creates problems with our child/supervisor ratio.) The responsible adult will be paged if his child needs special care or attention (continual crying, temper tantrum, discipline, etc.).

The fee is $3.00 per hour per child. A parent must check-in at the Front Desk to complete a Nursery Check-In/Check-Out Form. Failure to have the form completed properly will result in the maximum charge. The nursery staff will check the time the child is admitted to the nursery on the form, and figure the total charge. A receipt will be given to the nursery patron and the patron will return to the front desk to pay the nursery fee.

The maximum amount of children that the nursery can accommodate is fifteen (15). If possible, the ratio of care is one Staff member for every 15 children. The Nursery attendant reserves the right to close down the nursery, even if there are not 15 children in the room, in the advent that there are more babies than toddlers, or higher maintenance children to be attended to.

The Recreation Center’s childcare nursery will provide an enjoyable experience for the children through occasional hands-on activities as well as the passive use of toys and videos.

It is the responsibility of the nursery staff to clean and maintain the nursery. All detergents, sanitizers, related cleaning compounds, and other chemicals shall be made inaccessible to children.

Discipline. No corporal punishment shall be dispensed by Recreation Center Nursery Staff, which includes: spanking, pinching, shaking, hitting, slapping, twisting, jerking, kicking, or pulling of hair. Measures that frighten or demean a child shall not be allowed. Children shall be treated and disciplined with kindness and understanding.

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